There’s nothing like the start of a new year to inspire the beginnings of your wedding planning journey! If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to get going, looking up the trends can be a wonderful springboard for gathering ideas on how to make your wedding day unique and memorable. We’ve gathered our top five favorite wedding trends for 2024 to help you get into the planning mood! 
Sustainable Soirees 
Sustainability has become somewhat of a buzz word and with that, it might seem like a daunting concept to incorporate into your wedding day however, you’ll be surprised how many effortless ways there are to add sustainable options into your big day. Our thoughts on crafting a more sustainable wedding would be to not sweat the small stuff. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the idea of sustainability, we suggest looking at elements such as sustainable wedding venues, seasonal menus or a farm-to-table food experiences and choosing a wedding gown from a sustainable brand (we just happen to be such a brand!). Other fabulously creative ways to reduce waste on the day could be to make use of potted florals and greenery as décor, which makes it easy for plants to be reused by you and your guests after the event. We love the idea of seeded paper invites that your guests can plant after the big day, or simply making use of paperless invites. Seed paper confetti is yet another way you can spread love and avoid excess plastic, along with other natural confetti alternatives such as lavender blossoms, dried flower petals, dried leaves and bird seed.  
Intimate Celebrations 
A natural evolution from sustainable weddings is smaller, more intimate wedding celebrations. This trend was spurred on by the pandemic when bridal parties around the globe had to be more compact due to regulations, and it’s a trend that has lingered long since the days of COVID. Intimate wedding celebrations can greatly reduce your wedding budget, while simultaneously allowing for more scope to invest in the wedding elements of your dreams. A smaller guest list also allows you to spend more quality time with your nearest and dearest in a manner that truly resonates with your authentic self.  
We love a good elopement celebration for so many reasons! Not only do you get to celebrate your wedding in a dreamy location (just think about those wedding photos...), but you are also essentially already at your honeymoon destination! While the ‘on-a-whim’ nature of elopements might not appeal to all couples, there is a lot to be said about taking your wedding planning a little less seriously and truly focusing on what makes the day special to you and your fiancé by choosing a smaller guestlist and a location that you absolutely adore. It’s a yes from us!  
Non-traditional Wedding Venues 
One of our favorite wedding trends for 2024 has got to be non-traditional wedding venues! Think of hosting your friends at your favorite restaurant or pop-up, inner-city rooftop venues or an art gallery. Our suggestion for picking a non-traditional wedding venue would be to consider spaces that hold meaning for you and your partner. It could be magical to go back to the place you first met or somewhere you had a memorable date. It could also simply be a place that brings you joy or inspires a sense of calm and ease 
Katie and Geoff Snooks
Bold Botanicals 

Whether flowers are high or low on your wedding priority list, there is no denying that these natural elements add so much to a wedding celebration. Some of our favorite wedding flower ideas for 2024 include foraged flowers, flowers and plants that can be repurposed, sustainably farmed flowers, seasonal blooms, single stem arrangement or incorporating fruits and herbs as part of your table décor. 

 When it comes to trends, we choose to pick the ones that resonate with us and speak to elements we hold dear. We suggest you do the same when incorporating trends into your wedding day. Instead of following them all, choose to draw inspiration from them and add the ones that have personal meaning to you and the wedding day you are looking to create – most importantly, have fun with them! Our favorite way of saving ideas and trends that resonate with us is on Pinterest – follow us here for more inspiration!