Katie & Ché

 Couple’s Names: 
Katie & Ché
  Wedding date:
25th November 2023
  Our engagement story:
While we were on holiday in Norway, we went on a hike just outside of Oslo. In a little clearing, we stopped to take a rest. I turned around and Ché was on one knee. That was in May of 2022, we didn’t actually see any family to celebrate our engagement until two months ago when we returned home. Our engagement was quite a special and intimate time for us as a couple.
Our love story:
 We met while we were both studying Primary Education at university in Brisbane. We spoke over a few drinks at an university event and it was clear we had a lot in common. We bonded over mutual love of books, film and travel and this shared interest in travel was to become the most central part of our story. In 2018, we moved to London and have taught and travelled for most of the last five years. Earlier this year we returned home to celebrate our marriage and start our next chapter.

Bride's wedding dress: 
Falling in love with my Catherine Deane outfit:
Being a Catherine Deane bride meant going beyond the average wedding outfit in several ways. I was very committed to the idea of wedding separates, but I couldn’t have imagined how the Tori topper would encapsulate my style and the wedding I intended to have. Being a Catherine Deane bride also meant having the versatility of a very sneaky outfit change just before my first dance, which I managed to successfully keep from my husband until I walked onto the dance floor. I love the unique style of the Catherine Deane pieces and I could not in a million years have picked something more perfect for my big day.
Catherine Deane seemed to fit the bill when I began my search online for my dream dress. It was the first bridal shop I went into and I knew as soon as I put on the Tori Topper with the Les Skirt that I had found my dream dress. Being overseas, I wasn’t able to have my mother and sister to go on this journey with me, but I did have two dear friends along. The girls cautioned me not to be too quick to choose, but after going to several other stores, it was clear. In a later fitting I tried on the Norah top and was introduced to the idea of the outfit change. I am so glad this happened!
 Did you go to a CD showroom or purchase your gown online? 

I purchased my dress in the Wapping store. I was served by Zhun and it was such a fun afternoon. Over some Prosecco, Zhun showed me all the beautiful options at my disposal. I was shocked by how much I loved the Les Skirt - a choice a little out of my usual wheelhouse and I am so grateful I tried it on!

Bridesmaid Dresses: 
I am so blessed with a large inner circle. I had seven bridesmaids, who wore dresses from an Australian designer - Shona Joy. The benefit of the dresses was that we had chosen a gorgeous colour that all the girls could choose their own style within. They were a beautiful satin material and truly lent themselves perfectly to the backdrop.
Tell us about your Wedding Venue: 
We got married on a family property in regional Queensland (Australia). The venue had a lot of sentimental meaning to me but also enabled us to have a wedding reflective of our mutual love of nature.
Wedding style:
Our wedding style was “big party". We had a big bridal party and a reception. We kept our decor nice and neutral to allow for the natural beauty of our venue. Our florals focused on Australian natives with peach tones to match my engagement ring (which had to be replaced last minute as mine was stolen on our journey back to Australia). Our wedding also focused a lot on family effort. Our aunties did the florals and wedding cake, my mother-in-law did the dessert table, and my sister made my wedding earrings to name a few key contributions. I was the wedding planner, and this was a huge undertaking which wouldn’t have come off as well without the family support.
  Our photographer:
My lifelong friend Kimberley Anne and her second shooter Asha
Our Honeymoon destination:
We honeymooned at a family apartment at Currimbin on the Gold Coast in somewhat a full circle moment. The first time I brought my husband here was not long before he officially asked me to be his girlfriend more than seven years ago. We enjoyed relaxing by the beach and having some much needed down time after the whirlwind of having recently made the move back to Australia. This destination also allowed us to continue on the theme of our love for nature.
Our most memorable moment:
Standing with my husband at the end of the aisle. It was a long, tough road that we walked together to get there and I was just so overwhelmed that we made it and that everything was perfect.
 Our funniest moment:
I have two: firstly, I was so nervous for my husband to see me and my mother, who walked me down the aisle, was so unsure how to calm me down. She thought the best thing was to start our entrance, but I wouldn’t move until I heard our aisle song (How Long Will I Love You - the About Time version). Mum and I spent the first moments walking down the aisle calming each other down. Secondly our first dance: we did a medley of songs which my brother choreographed for us - it had a healthy dose of fun which I love thinking back on.
Grooms Suit: Edit Suits (London)
Photographer: Kimberley Anne
Videographer: Amy Harman
Wedding Venue: Family Property (Queensland - Australia)
Caterer: Penfolds Catering
MUAH artist: Megan Williamson and Sara Shadbolt
Bridesmaids Dresses: Shona Joy
Wedding Rings: Rennie and Co London (Hatton Garden)