The Magical Island of Santorini

As the summer of 2017 came to an end, we travelled to magical and picturesque Greek Island of Santorini for our SS18 Bridal and Ready-to-Wear campaign shoot. With it being the busiest time of year, the Island was bustling with people from all around the world, soaking up the hot sun and taking in the breath-taking views. The piercing white buildings and crystal blue skies perfectly matched the clean-cut silhouettes and shimmering silk satins of the new Catherine Deane collection.

As Santorini is mainly an ‘on-foot’ Island, we started early, to beat the crowds and scout the best locations to complement our dreamy gowns. With the help of our wonderful team we carried our equipment up narrow and windy paths, full of people and the occasional donkey, to the sweetest and most charming locations! Bright white Church buildings, doorways blossoming with pink flowers and rooftops with dazzling views were among our chosen spots to shoot.

The beautiful bright light and striking white buildings of this stunning Island paired with the soft satin fabrics, delicate lace and ornate bead work of the gowns created the most magical looks. We shot the effortlessly dreamy Kameron gown on a rooftop, against a backdrop of the glowing blue sky and mysterious ocean. The satin bodice of the gown reflected the beaming sun whilst the silk tulle skirt blew in the gentle breeze, this simple yet beautiful dress looked spotless against the vivid colours and hot sunlight. The glistening bead work of the Friday gown and Ariel top caught the sun and striking reflections, creating mystical and iridescent colours.  

A particular highlight of our trip was watching the sun go down, along with the large crowns of excited tourists! We took this opportunity to shoot the romantic Korrine gown. The textured floral bodice and blush pink skirt looked gorgeous against the sky which turned from aqua blue to coral pink, casting the most magical natural light. As the hot sun dropped into the horizon, the crowds applauded and cheered, and our day of shooting came to an end!

We completed our looks with accessories from Ottoman Hands, the Turkish inspired Jewellery brand and luxury and unique shoes from Harriet Wilde. The pearlescent jewels and striking colours of the Ottoman Hands accessories looked magical against the shimmering textures of the gowns and glistening sun light, whilst the glamourous shoes matched the atmosphere of the Island.

Our journey to Santorini was nothing short of beautiful, the pastel shades of the old buildings, cobbled pathways leading to hidden locations, unbelievable views of endless sky and enchanting ocean and all the welcoming people we met along the way, helped us to create these captivating photographs that perfectly show off the SS18 Catherine Deane collection. We are so excited to share our journey through the magical Island of Santorini with you…


Photographer: Jimi Drosinos

Photography / Video assistant: Spiros Kay 

Make up artist: Konstantina Michopanou 

Shoes: Harriet Wilde

Accessories: Ottoman Hands