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Our Values


We are passionate about creating beauty from the inside out.

From our product, which is delivered worldwide, to our inspiring company culture, it is central to our beliefs that people should be treated fairly and ethically. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships and experiences.


We love considered details, exceptional tailoring and rejuvenating historic craft techniques.

The juxtaposition of combining historic craft with future vision births a product which is a time honoured contemporary classic.


We delve into our external and internal worlds.

We understand the importance of staying true to our vision while exploring new ideas and concepts. We believe that life is an evolution and an exploration into the unknown, and we delight in the journey and adventure.


Being able to contribute to our community allows our work to take on a deeper meaning and purpose.

For the past 5 years, we have collaborated with the South African children’s charity, the Unlimited Child. The Unlimited Child is an initiative set up to improve the potential of preschool children in South Africa by supporting and setting up pre-existing and new crèches in impoverished areas with learning materials, training, monitoring and support. The Unlimited Child directly promotes early child development of vital cognitive and fine motor skills. The lack of development in such areas can be detrimental to a child’s capabilities in adult life and Catherine is passionate about making this change. For every Catherine Deane dress we sell we make a donation to the charity to supply equipment, build crèches and provide teacher training.

Faith in Nature

We venture to see the next generations enjoy the beauty of mother earth, as much as we do.

We delight in the beauty of our planet, and understand that her resources are precious. With fashion being the second most polluting industry in the world, we pledge to play our part in reducing our footprint. At Catherine Deane, all our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. We have ongoing initiatives working with fabric suppliers ensuring they have sustainable and ethical practices.


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