Giving Back

The Unlimited Child is an initiative set up to improve the potential of preschool children in South Africa by supporting pre-existing crèches in impoverished areas with learning materials, training, monitoring, and support. The Unlimited Child directly promotes early child development of vital cognitive and fine motor skills in underdeveloped communities. The lack of development in such areas can be detrimental to a child’s capabilities in adult life, and Catherine is passionate about making this change. Catherine in an ambassador for the Unlimited Child charity, based in beautiful South Africa, where she grew up. For every Catherine Deane dress we sell, we donate $5 to The Unlimited Child.


We have worked with the Charity and the donations help to develop existing creches and provide educational toys and teacher training. We believe that every child deserves the best start in life. Together, along with the amazing work of The Unlimited Child, we can make sure this change happens. Thank you for being a part of our cause and helping us to give back. The Unlimited Child Add a little love?


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