Women We Love

We have always believed in celebrating inspirational women and spreading the passion and influence they have on the world. Women are strong, nurturing and powerful beings, from educating others to bringing new life into the world, women compose themselves in a gentle and calming manner.

We all have women in our lives who we look up too and who give us strength every day, we have spent time getting to know our hero’s and have gained an insight into how they work, what inspires them and their contribution to their community.

We are so happy to share with you the stories of the women we love.

Julie Serot

"I first met Julie about 8 years ago in Hong Kong, we were both living there at the time and on introduction we decided it was only right to “play together”! So we went theme parks, did interpretive dancing together in some of the most unlikely places, and climbed mountains while roaring like lions. The best part is the presence we co-created in each moment, it was pure, and adventurous and oh so joyous!

In saying that, our friendship has run so deep. At key moments in our lives we have been able to call each other out on not being in integrity or alignment . Julie is fearless in speaking the truth and has saved my skin a couple of times! I recently heard her saying directly to someone that she wouldn’t work with him because she didn’t trust him. But she didn’t say it in a provocative way, purely the truth that he was someone that was not accountable , and so she let him see her reason instead of making some lame excuse. So cool right ? Imagine if we could all bring in this level of honestly to our lives.

For the past few years, she has made a full time profession of coaching and holding women accountable and in alignment to be the very best version of themselves in their lives, relationships and careers.

With her whole heart and brave spirit, she guides women who are committed to making positive changes in their lives and so impacting the collective in a very beautiful way.

Proud to call her a best friend, a soul sister, and now to share her with you.

If you are a woman looking for support in building your dreams, this is it!

With love, CD X"

What inspires you and gives you strength?

First and foremost, God. I find God through movement, music, and focusing out in coaching others. Every morning I spend time in my yoga practice with my playlist guiding me, which creates a space for me to receive God's wisdom. And afterwards, I spend time projecting my desires and visions into the Field, and what I receive is inspiration, encouragement, and guidance. Also, coaching my clients! Seeing them succeed and not only hit their goals--but create results far beyond anything they ever dreamed, ALWAYS inspires me!

What motivated you to start The Dharma Circle?

I used to be a marine mammal ecotoxicologist and it pained me every day to see the suffering the dolphins faced in their environment. I realized that humans that were fulfilled, prosperous, and whole-hearted do not create such destruction in the environment. So, I created TDC, which aims to raise the vibration of the planet by showing humans how to find their purpose, create prosperity and fulfillment from it, and leave the Earth a better place than they found it.

What do you consider a satisfying life?

To me, satisfaction is found in the present moment--it's amazing to me that when I look back, even during some of my darkest, hardest moments, I created love, hope, and satisfaction just by focusing on being present! Which not only helped me get to the other side of challenges, but it also helped me drink in every precious moment life offered me--no matter where it fell on the spectrum of experiences.

How do you find success?

Success is found through seeking purpose. Every person on this planet came with a mission and a reason--their unique dharma. When a person finds it, and devotes themselves to it (whether it's a business, or being a mom, or being a teacher, or being an amazing daughter, or some combination of it all), they will have found success.

What does magic mean to you?

To me, magic means being in flow. It's a mystical moment on an evening hike with a friend, or the words flowing effortlessly out of my fingertips to the keyboard while I write a talk, or the twinkle of the ocean in front of me as I sit in a meditation, or the sparks of ideas that arise in a great conversation.

What is the biggest goal that you’ve achieved in the past year?

My biggest achievement was healing my relationship with each of my family members. After I ran away from home when I was 20, I believed I would never again have a healthy relationship with my family. But through my commitment to heal the planet- STARTING with myself, healing in my family became a symptom and a result.

What is the best way to de-stress?

Yoga! Which is why I give my clients custom "prescription" yoga practices as part of our business coaching program! It clears stuck energy, shifts our core vibration, and aligns us to a new possibility which allows the stress to evaporate, and fast.

Where is your happy place?

In bed at my beach home in San Diego, curled up with my 140 lb great dane puppy and my man, reading historical fiction while listening to spa music with the scent of frankincense wafting from my essential oil diffuser!

If you had one superpower what would it be?

Instant Teleportation! So I could go back home to the midwest and visit my family whenever I wanted, without a whole day of travel!

What advice would you give to women in 2019?

TRUST YOUR GUT. Sometimes its whispers are directly oppositional to societies', or your peers', or your family's, and sometimes they make absolutely no logical sense. But in following these God whispers, you will end up in EXACTLY the right place. And know that on that journey, you have all the tools you need inside you. Stay aware, stay present, receive guidance from those you resonate with as mentors and guides, and keep moving towards your joy.


Laura Osnes

''Laura is a woman that walks into a room and takes your breath away. She is imbued with feminine grace and beauty, and gifted with the voice of an angel. 

When Laura so generously sang the Aladdin song “A whole new world” at our NYC boutique opening in 2016, her voice rang as clear as a bell, the purity of which filled our hearts and created such silence in the room as no one dared miss a moment. 

Laura is a woman who is living her life to its fullest, who understand the gifts that she has been given in her beauty and talent, and has courageously carved out her unique way of expressing this in the world. 

I love her sense of integrity in all that she does, from little hand-written thank you notes, to her delightful joy that she expresses from moment to moment. It is purely contagious…and if there ever was a real-life Disney princess – this is it!!! 

I am honored to present Laura, in our series of “Woman We Love” … as a woman that I find deeply inspiring and a muse for my creations.

With love, CD X''

Our interview with Laura:

What inspires you and gives you strength?

In my personal life, my faith and my family have always provided strength and hope for me. I am so grateful for an encouraging support system through the highs and lows of life, along with the grounded belief in the Lord. 

There are also several inspirations I’ve had professionally, including Julie Andrews, Susan Egan, Shirley Jones, Kelli O’Hara, Lea Solonga, Victoria Clark, Rebecca Luker, and Sutton Foster!

Do you remember your first acting performance?

I absolutely remember my first performance. Besides singing in my kindergarten talent show, my first role was playing a munchkin in the community theater’s production of The Wizard of Oz. My mom made my costume; I had no feature lines or solos, but I loved it. And I remember looking up to Dorothy and thinking, “I want to play her some day!” (And I did, twice!)

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage?

My routine is different for every show. I don’t actually have any superstitious, must-do rituals, but I like to warm up my voice, stretch a bit, and visit my cast mates before a show starts.

What is the best way to De-stress?

Honestly, a night in watching tv or a movie on the couch with my hubby and pup. A night in together is rare for us, so we take them when we can!!

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Flying would be so dreamy! I got to play Peter Pan once and even getting to fly on wires made me wish I could do it all the time! However, the practical side of me wishes for “supernatural health” so I could scream on roller coasters or have a drink at a party and still be able to sing and do my job. Not having to worry about getting a sore throat, hoarse voice, or broken bone again would relieve a lot of pressure in my life, haha!

What advice would you give to women in 2018? 

My hope for this generation of women is a deeply rooted sense of confidence in who they are and the gifts they’ve been given. As women, we constantly compare ourselves, seek validation, put value in meaningless things, dwell on imperfections, and drown in insecurities. I would advise women to be proud of their own unique talents & beauty, learning to respect and stand up for themselves, while also fiercely taking care of each other.

 What is the perfect way to start and end your day?

I’m not always the most consistent at this, but I believe the best way to start the day is a little devotional or prayer time. I’ll get some coffee and take a moment to be quiet, gain perspective on what’s important, and get my mind and heart in the right space to take on each new day. It’s almost the same for the end of the day — After watching that movie with hubby and pup (if we’re lucky!), I take a moment of gratitude to count my blessings before bedtime.

How do you overcome fear?

Again, my faith helps ground me in offering a hopeful perspective — God is greater than my current problem. I also try to listen to and trust that little voice inside... your heart, your gut, whatever you want to call it... that voice usually leads you the right way in the midst of fear.

What does success mean to you?

“Success” can have so many implications, but to me it boils down to being able to make a living doing what you love. Even better if you can make a difference doing it with people you love in a place that you love.

What has been your greatest achievement?

In the midst of some wonderful career successes and dreams come true, I am proudest of saying “yes” to my incredible husband, Nathan, and making it through 10-years of marriage already! :)


Celina Jade 

Catherine Deane is a dear friend of actress Celina Jade, here are her heat felt words on their time spent together…

‘’Discovering Celina has been an absolute joy. Our paths crossed a couple of years ago under a set of seemingly ‘random’ circumstances, although I smile knowing that when we follow our heart, then life moves us in the most beautiful directions where we connect with amazing people and have extraordinary experiences.


Celina is an outwardly beautiful woman, but it is her inner beauty that I find most enchanting. Our conversations feel like a meditation, as we flow from one inspirational and heart -centred subject to the next, all the while maintaining, what feels like a beautiful connection to the present moment and the flow of energy that dances around us.


This is the magic of Celina, her presence in the moment, her humility, her kind and loving disposition and her deep gratitude but non-attachment to all she has achieved and lost in her life.


I am honoured to present Celina as our first woman, in the series of interviews on “Women we love”


I hope that in sharing these amazing women’s stories and ideas, that you will feel deep joy, inspiration and connection to your own heart and soul’s purpose.


With love CD X’’

Our interview with Celina:

 A book that you read that positively shaped you?

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Best children's book for any child or adult. Another book that I love is "My Lord Loves a Pure Heart - The Yoga of Divine Virtues" by Swami Chidvilasananda

What is your life moto?

"Do not rejoice unduly if by good fortune you successfully accomplish something.And if for any reason you are prevented from completing an action, you should not be disappointed. If it meets with success, well and good. If it cannot be completed, even so regard it as good. If you offer to God every action that you undertake, know that it will surely be accomplished.  Your right is to action alone; never to its fruits at any time. Never should the fruits of action be your motive; never let there be attachment to inaction in you. " - As taken from the Jnaneshwar's Gita by Swami Kripinanda

What inspires you and gives you strength?

When I put my ego aside and surrender to each moment, to the higher Self that exists within me and everyone else. When I think of one of my mom's last words to me before she passed where she said, "Whenever you see another being, be it human or animal or plant, love them as you love me and I will be there." I find strength.

How does martial arts help you find inner peace?

You see... Thoughts ---> Emotions -----> Actions ------> More thoughts. Martial arts is the discipline of the mind. Control the monkey mind and peace is inevitable.  

Pilates or yoga?

Why not both?

What is the best way to de-stress?

Meditate. Chant. Do something, give to someone... take your focus and move it towards others and not yourself. Breathe. All of these work wonders.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation. I frickin' loveeeee traveling minus the commute. 

What advice would you give to women in 2017?

Women should embrace their femininity. It's not because we are absolutely entitled to the same equal opportunities as man that we should start acting like one. There is nothing more beautiful and graceful than being a woman and having the power of giving life, the power of gentility, the natural tendency towards empathy and compassion.  

What does ‘living a meaningful life’ mean to you? And how do you achieve this?

Living a meaningful life to me is learning to be consistently PRESENT. Not allowing the mind to be stuck in the past or the future. Allowing each moment to fully unfold itself to your attention. The best way to achieve this is to bring the focus to the breath...put aside your mobile phone, tune in with your senses to the sounds, the tastes, the smells, the feel of each action/ inaction. Tuning into your thoughts and observing them. I learned this the hard way. I remember when my mom first got Pancreatic Cancer 2 years ago, it was so easy for my mind to jump to the future, thinking that I could "prep myself" for what would come. It was so easy for me to obsess and spend my time in doing "research" to an effort to extend her time on this planet. But ultimately, I was not being fully present with her while she was still breathing and alive! When I stopped this monkey mind of mine and fully engrossed myself with her in the present. I experienced an opening of a spiritual door and a tremendous love poured into me that I carry with me every day. When she left, nothing was left unsaid, nothing was left undone or unexperienced because I was fully present. She left us in happy spirits and we danced and sung and celebrated her departure.  Of course the nurses and doctors looked at us weirdly. Who says death has to be a tragedy...

What is the perfect way to start and end your day

I recently began charging my phone in the living room when I sleep. If you need an alarm, go buy one. It's $8 for one or I'll go buy you one. ;) I've found that by doing this, I can fully be present for myself as well as my partner. We actually talk now and connect! I wake up with my thoughts and a kind of reflective feeling which is so beautiful to start the day with. Spiritually, I try to start each day with an act of surrender to the higher Self and asking it to lead my day for me and I end my day with gratitude for all the perceived good and bad that happened.           


Photography by Ali Ghorbani